For all parking area operators, we are a qualified contact person to solve all the problems related to the automatic payments of parking.

We propose for the management of the parking, a range of products of our production characterized by a high level of technological innovation linked to parking 4.0 aimed at achieving great reliability and high performance. The know-how acquired over twenty years of activity in the sector and customizations, have allowed to create a system that can meet every market need.

With the Green_Park® system for the automation of paid parking lots we are able to offer a wide range of adaptive solutions thanks to the multiple interconnection possibilities of the different peripheral stations in INDUSTRY 4.0 projects.

They have long been active in many markets in the fish, floroperistic and fruit and vegetable sectors; they have proven their worth by enabling rapid and transparent market price formation in full compliance with the law of supply and demand.

The experience gained of the high number of completed achievements allows us to be the national reference partner in the field of market automation systems to the production of all product sectors.
We are able to provide complete “key-in-hand” systems for automated market management, from the automatic auction rooms, through the automation of internal handling and administrative management, up to the distribution of information to employees.

mercato asta logistica

mercato asta logistica

Fundamental is the role of the watch picture that in relation to the game being negotiated, indicates the price and some relevant characteristics of the product such as weight, unit price, quality, etc. To win the game, the buyers with a personal radio-pushbuttons can carry out the operations from a tribune equipped with telemicrophone. The auction room has big clock shaped indicators, automatic conveyors for the selling products, scales and labelling equipments.; the price will be the one stuck on the watch panel and the system will recognize the buyer through the personal radio-pushbuttons.

The system automatically prints all the accounting and transport documents of the match, which can then be started at the final destination. The auction room is also equipped with large watch indicators, automatic transport devices for the products for sale and weighing and labelling systems of the products themselves.

Finally, the system can be extended by telematics connection to remote buyers, who can, with a personal computer via modem, operate and buy at the same time to the buyers present in the room.

The main advantages are

  • The buyer pays the real product value at that moment
  • Efficient and short auctions; between 300 and 600 transactions per auction per hour
  • the products stay in the market for a very short time
  • the administration tasks are very fast because they are all automatic.
  • the selling activity is transparent to all the operators.

Smart Cities

The Green_Park® system is integrated into the Smart Parking innovation process in the Industry 4.0 era.

Parking 4.0

Integrated with Smart Cities Information Systems, Centralized Payment Systems, Video Surveillance and Automatic License Recognition (LPR) Systems

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Our team of experts is able to offer planning, installation and assistance of parking, entrances and access control.


Our team of experts is able to offer design, installation and assistance of parking lots, entrances and access control.

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Saving money

The Green_Park® system reduces operating costs as the cost of routine maintenance is less than 50%.


The system Green_Park® does not require preventative and scheduled maintenance, has no parts subject to wear and does not require continuous supervision by technical staff.

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Our strengths

Design: the customer is helped in choosing the technology that best suited their needs, then and in close contact with the customer is developed the design of the plant.

Installation: all the phases of the execution, the infrastructure works and then the installation of the equipment are followed personally, in order to minimize the possible executive errors in the preparation phases. For those who wish to do so, they can be followed by Sintel on behalf of the customer.

Staff training: Once the installation is complete, the plant management staff is appropriately trained “on site” directly by Sintel staff.

Telecare and Telediagnosis: throughout the life of the plant, assistance is guaranteed both “on site” and with remote assistance tools. Sintel is able to help the customer both in the solution of any technical problems and in the support for the processing of all the data collected by the plant in order to produce statistics and reports of all kinds.

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