Project Description

Fano Fish Market

We are a national partner of reference in the sector of market automation systems for the production of all product sectors.

For the carrying out of the operations, the enabled buyers, equipped with a personal remote control, make use of a special tribune reserved for them,equipped with tools for talking with the asters; the auction room is also equipped

of large clock indicators,

automatic devices for transporting the products offered for sale and weighing and labeling systems for the products themselves.

To win the lot, the buyer only has to press the purchase button on the remote control; the price will be the one locked on the clock panel and the system will recognize the buyer through his own remote control.

telecomandi asta Sintel

Alessandro De Marchi has designed and tested all the radio frequency remote controls for the Sintel van der Hoorn for booking the clock sales of the auction markets. Compared to other similar systems, telecomandi astathis proprietary project by Sintel Van der Hoorn manages and optimizes the conflicts of competition between buyers.


Comune di Fano

Auction Systems