Green Park® System


aereporti di romaThe Green Park is able to offer a wide range of solutions to the most varied problems concerning parking automation. The ” CONTACT LESS ” technology, combined with the robustness of the TOKEN in shockproof material and the simplicity of its automatic handling, make it possible to create systems with simple and reliable equipment, with considerable advantages in terms of flexibility of operating levels and reduced maintenance costs, as well as lowering operating costs due to the absence of “consumption” materials. ticket parkMoreover, thanks to IoT technology to acquire information on the presence in real time of parked cars in parking areas. Thanks to the reporting of the web 4.0 governance software, public administrations can vary the Urban Mobility plan taking into account the real situations (seasonal-tourist for example), the areas with exchanger car parks, the degree of collection of the individual areas or strategic areas, optimizing the needs of citizens with those of tourists. In addition, for drivers with an app connected to the system, and also through the appropriate road signs, a saving of time in finding the parking space.


By upgrading the parking system with the Green Park you will be able to centrally manage all the other unmanned car parks in your facility from a single governance point.

For those parking, these are the main advantages:

malcesine parking camper

  • parking spaces can be booked in the parking lots closest to the areas of interest to them;
  • quick stop (ie free minutes of parking);
  • discounts for parking attendants through discounts / coupons that can be entered via web-app in their accounts, etc.


videocamera LPR

License Plate Recognition Systems: one way to reduce system costs is ticketless mode for casual users.
The cost of consumables is reduced to a minimum as the title for occasional users only occurs in rare
cases when the vehicle’s license plate is not read when it is near the entrance gate.

The entry station can however be set in the “title delivery” mode, that is a ticket with the company logo, a 2D barcode and a PIN number code.

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