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Parking Automation Specialists

We specialize in the manufacturing and set up of computerized fee parking for INDUSTRY 4.0, gates and barriers, contact-less token dispensers or tickets, payment stations. Sales manage and parking tracking and supervision systems with contact-less token or price ticket bills. We had been within the market for over two decades, building turnkey plants, from large airports to residential garages. We also are a longtime accomplice for municipal parking.

Smart Cities

The Green_Park® system is integrated into the Smart Parking innovation process in the Industry 4.0 era.

Parking 4.0

Integrated with Smart Cities Information Systems, Centralized Payment Systems, Video Surveillance and Automatic License Recognition (LPR) Systems

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Our team of experts is able to offer planning, installation and assistance of parking, entrances and access control.


Our team of experts is able to offer design, installation and assistance of parking lots, entrances and access control.

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Saving money

The Green_Park® system reduces operating costs as the cost of routine maintenance is less than 50%.


The system Green_Park® does not require preventative and scheduled maintenance, has no parts subject to wear and does not require continuous supervision by technical staff.

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