Auction Systems

We are a reference partner in the field of market automation auction systems

They have long been active in many markets in the fish, floroperistic and fruit and vegetable sectors;
they have proven their worth by enabling rapid and transparent market price formation in full compliance with the law of supply and demand.

The system for auction sales

This basic system can be expanded with the management ologistics auction marketf goods handling, thus including an entry terminal, a transaction terminal, additional video management and printer units, automatic weighing stations, storage systems sorting, etc.

You can actively participate in the auction even remotely in comfort with your tablet or PC,

watch rod

the buyer stops the price from decreasing, thus winning the game in negotiation at that time; through the same system the buyer will also be able to book and indicate the number of lots desired at a certain price (as is the case with online trading).

The remote purchase has caused the volume of turnover to rise considerably as you can buy quickly and easily without wasting precious time in travel hours to reach the market where the auction is held.